About Me


I’m Lola – No that’s not my real name but I am strongly considering making it just that, lol. I’m a long legged, Iceland born, makeup and fashion lover who got her nickname from the passing of her fur baby Lola Doll (RIP). I’m an Orlando, Florida based freelance makeup artist and lover of all things beauty related. I’m a Paralegal by degree standards but true beauty enthusiast.

I started blogging in 2009 and decided to take it to the next level in 2011. I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for 2 years now and I figured, “Why not bring both things I love together?” People always ask me where I shop or how did I find pants to fit me and for years I thought, “Wow I must be a giant, lol.” Only to find out later in life that I was not that tall at all, especially because I’m only 5’7 1/2 maybe 5’8″ on a good day and 5’11”-6’0″ with 5 inch heels on but I’m average height. I’ve met and made friends with girls way taller than me. Starting from 5’11” and up, I also realized the people looking at me like I was huge were only 5′-5’5″ tall themselves. But I do have very long legs which I feel make me look taller as well.

My obsession with makeup and clothes started with my mom and grandma when I was very young. I always had the pretty dresses and nice clothes. I was my parents first child and my mom always dressed me in the best. I mean check out that stylin red dress and Disney watch, lol.


My love for travel came from my parents and grandma mostly. My mom was a flight attendant for awhile and I was always on the go with my grandma, I was her little travel buddy and my dad never sat still, even to this day lol. Plus with him being in the military we were always moving around.

I discovered I was into fashion and makeup when I started making and altering my own clothes in middle school and I was pretty good at it. I taught myself how to sew and tried lipgloss for the first time. My first real makeup collection was Mary Kate and Ashley (remember that? Lol) after that I was hooked. So here we are, my personal site full of my clients, fashion and daily life work and inspiration. I hope you enjoy my blog, I try hard to make it as helpful and interesting as possible.

Always remember your beautiful!

Love you dolls,



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