Christmas Party


Dress- H&M
Jacket- Ross
Boots- Traffic
Socks- Small Boutique
Necklace- Mad Rag


Books and Lippies


I love a good book, especially when it has to do with fashion and I love lipstick so it goes hand and hand for me. I watched The Hills with my best friend everyday and I love Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad I want to get Lauren’s book next. I think it was a good shopping day lol. Can’t wait to get into these books and try out my new lippies. I’ll definitely post the swatches on the blog for you guys, have a great night y’all. :0)

Lock Smith

I just wanna wake up and be in love. Feel free, be excited like I use to. I don’t want everyday to be a struggle. I want that one thing. That one feeling. That one touch. I don’t get that and I can see why others do but not for me. Everyday is hard. It’s like time is standing still waiting for me to crack the code. But wait cause I forgot how to pick the lock.

Always yours,